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Mould Removal

About Ecomould Solutions

Mould remediation and mould removal is not just a our side business at Ecomould Solutions, it is our sole business. Our approach is to eradicate mould at the spore level – not just cover it up with bleach or ammonium based products which can create other health problems.

Using non-toxic and bleach and ammonium free products guaranteed safe, we will not introduce any toxins into your home or business.

Mould Remediation involves both the removal and cleaning of mould and mildew from areas or materials which have been contaminated. Successful treatment consists of not just fixing the existing problem, but needs to ensure that there is no further spread to areas previously not contaminated.

It is not just active mould which is a problem. Even mould which is dead can have a significant impact on your health. This is because mould spores are tiny and are carried in the air. They can be easily inhaled by humans resulting in common respiratory conditions such as allergies, asthma and range of other health problems.

We provide onsite consultation to determine the cause of the mould damage. Our trained professionals use proven techniques as well as moisture meters and humidity readers to test the internal environment conditions for moisture and water damage.

Using a holistic approach of hard surface treatment, air purification and on-site consultation ensures a high level of success when engaging Ecomould Solutions.