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Mould Removal Katoomba

Ecomould: Mould Removal Katoomba & Blue Mountains

Ecomould Solutions services reach as far west as Katoomba and the Blue Mountains region which has quite a high average of approximately 1,400 mm of rainfall per year and plays an integral part in providing water for Sydney’s water supply.

The vast majority of the Blue Mountains and its urban settlements including; Blackheath, Katoomba, Wentworth Falls, Lawson, Springwood, Blaxland are surrounded by streams and creeks which ultimately enter and impact upon, the integrity of the World Heritage Area National Park. Unfortunately, with so much moisture and high tree lines surrounding these established environments, mould and mould spores will be forever present in what would appear to be ideal conditions for mould to grow and find a home within your home.

With temperatures rising globally in more recent times, this has contributed significantly in promoting the evaporation of any rain that does fall in the Blue Mountains and as a result, vegetation is relying more and more on ground water and the water table that exists beneath the top soil. This combined with dense vegetation depositing its sticks and leaves on to rooftops and into gutters is creating the perfect environment for mould to thrive and fester as rising damp and leaking roofs are becoming a more common problem in the area.

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Areas Serviced:

Bell Berambing Bilpin Blaxland Blackheath Bullaburra Clarence Faulconbridge Glenbrook Hartley Vale Hazelbrook Katoomba Kings Tableland Lapstone Lawson Leura Linden Little Hartley Medlow Bath Megalong Mount Irvine Mount Riverview Mount Tomah Mount Victoria Mount Wilson North Katoomba Shipley Springwood Sun Valley Valley Heights Warrimoo Wentworth Falls Winmalee Woodford Yellow Rock Yosemite