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About Our Treatments

Everything you need to know about Ecomould Solutions unique mould treatment for homes and offices.

Protect your home with the Ecomould Difference – using environmentally friendly, effective and guaranteed safe chemicals to treat any internal and external environment. We sanitise, deodorise, and disinfect any surface we treat!

Before a treatment is commenced, an onsite inspection is carried out to determine the source and cause of a mould contamination. Humidity and moisture levels are measured and documented.


Each room to be treated is to be cleared of any wall art (mirrors, frames, photos, artefacts).

Please de-clutter and ensure each surface to be treated can be accessed. Rooms which contain an unreasonable amount of stored items may be charged an additional fee.

Although not always the case, we usually require all occupants to be off-site when treatment is in progress. Ecomould Solutions will provide you with an estimated time frame for completion.

During Treatment

Any chemical solution used in your home or office will dry clear to touch.

All air purification and dehumidification  units carry a LED display which will determine when a room is clear of bacteria, dust and odour.

Only new and packaged materials and equipment are used during each treatment process. This decreases the risk of cross-contamination.

A duty of care is taken when an Ecomould technician is onsite. This includes care for your home and any personal belongings. Soft surfaced furniture and window coverings are generally treated at the technicians discretion due to the potential risk of damage to colour or fabric (i.e. chairs, clothes, vertical blinds, etc).

Plastic sheeting and tarps are used to cover any personal items or furniture. Fabric tarps are not advised due to the risk of cross contamination. This is included in the service.

Post Treatment

No two mould remediation treatments are the same. Such variables include site location, room location, the history of water damage, leaks and dampness, intensity of mould and length of mould contamination. Although we will do our best effort, this may mean from time to time stain (mould)* on a surface may remain after completion of treatment and/ or deterioration of a surface (i.e. window cil, wall, ceiling, cornice) may be present due to previous moisture or water damage. *usually materials such as plasterboard, double brick or areas with no sunlight with high moisture (i.e. bath ceilings, laundry ceilings, etc).

Surfaces with poor quality paint (cracked or peeling) may deteriorate further with treatment.

A Room will be safe to enter up to one hour post treatment.

A slight residual odour may be present on completion however this will dissipate within an hour after treatment.

Flooring should be HEPA filter vacuumed with 48 hours of treatment.

An Ecomould technician will consult with you to discuss changes that could be made to the structure and life style changes that can be made to ensure humidity and moisture levels.